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Managed Cloud Services for small businesses

The growing number of small businesses going online every day suggests that the success of a business is not limited by the mere physical boundaries that define its location. The potential target market of every business is infinite. This infinite and omnipotent presence is a boon as well as a curse. A small error in a database could lead to devastating effects on the customers. New and rapidly growing websites are prone to these errors; therefore, these small businesses employ managed cloud solutions. 

What is Cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is the process of data decentralization where data is stored in multiple servers instead of traditional hosting, which uses a single server. This data is now remotely accessible through a network connection and proper authorization. 

Managed Cloud hosting or Managed Cloud services

Managed cloud hosting is another part of cloud hosting where the cloud service providers take care of the servers and system management. The upkeep of the servers is a tedious task that requires professional expertise; therefore, many companies choose managed cloud services instead of employing an IT team for this specific purpose. 

Employing an IT team only for the upkeep and maintenance of the servers and system management is a luxury, new and growing small businesses cannot afford in terms of capital, time, and infrastructure cost; therefore, they choose managed hosting. 

When opting for managed cloud services, the only job for you is to choose your cloud service provider and the operating system you are comfortable with. Now leave the rest of the server upkeep and system management to qualified web administrators and web security experts. 

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Why choose Managed Cloud services for small businesses?

Dedicated customer support
Small businesses often operate on a limited budget and time, therefore, appointing multiple personnel for website maintenance is not practical. Having a dedicated support team fulfills the need for multiple personnel. 

Reduces Capital, Time, and infrastructure cost
In the absence of managed cloud hosting, a business would need infrastructure like hardware and space for storage, etc., time and money to appoint loads of employees and then oversee all those operations; this would increase the workload of all the departments. Not only this, it would increase the cost incurred by the company directly and indirectly.  

Data privacy and website security
Managed cloud services are secure to their very core from design; this ensures data privacy and seamless restoration and backup. In addition to this, all the managed cloud solutions adhere to cyber security protocols, which makes safety and privacy a priority. 

Disaster recovery and backup 
If you choose a reputed cloud service provider like AWS managed service provider, all the systems have updated backups and seamless restorations. This feature means if a company’s data gets lost, restoration would be instantaneous, and the data would be the latest one used, so no compromise in the event of a disaster. 

Server monitoring 
Server monitoring is an essential part of managed cloud hosting because it scans all the files in the server for possible errors or missing data that can cause issues. So these issues can be mitigated before causing serious trouble. 

Opportunity cost 
So the opportunity cost is something you will incur when you are focused on one task and the other is left behind.  When you focus on website hosting, server maintenance and system management, you will divert workforce and other resources from your primary business goals. So instead, choose managed cloud services for your business and go all in to achieve your objectives.


To sum up, managed cloud services handle all your online business needs and more. These services may cost more than traditional cloud hosting but prove their worth in the long run. If you value your and your customers time the most managed cloud services are the way to go. If you are a new entry in the industry and you need to compete with an established online presence, you will need experts on your side. 

If you already have an established online presence and find it challenging to keep up with the competition, you need to focus on your primary business goals. When you are not an expert, spending time on managing technical needs is extremely tolling. Outsource all your web hosting, server and system management needs. Managed cloud services will give you time and workforce to meet all the objectives that you are lagging on. 

Managed hosting is the best option if you are a new business that wants to go online and facilitate customers worldwide, but you are new to the system and do not have the time and money for the infrastructure and the required personnel. 

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