All the Tools You Need: Working and Schooling with Google

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This year has been a rollercoaster ride–more of the chaos, less of the amusement. The adaptations humans could incorporate, such as working and learning from home, have undoubtedly changed the way we think about function and productivity. One of the biggest game-changers that has kept countless people in touch, whether it be team members or classmates, Google’s applications, such as Google Workspace webmail, get the job done — and more. As one of the most innovative tools available, Google’s Workspace and Education provide employees and students the ability to meet up in one place to connect and accomplish tasks.  

Why Choose Google? 

Provided on both software, Google Drive is one of the most secure and reliable forms of cloud storage for all of your work needs. In this space, tasks that use Docs, Slides, and Sheets are found (progress automatically saved, of course), including shared files between team members, educators, or classmates. Drive simplifies sharing and saving your progress while relieving your device from the burden of stuffing it in a storage closet. Members and students can also access scheduled meetings through Google Calendar to meet synchronously through Google Meet, enhancing remote sessions.  

Let’s focus on Docs for a moment: say your meetings have become a little more challenging to keep track of due to the work-from-home settings. No longer is there a dedicated room for all of you and your team members to be together and discuss daily updates. However, with Google Docs, its interactive features allow all team members to be online to discuss ideas and suggestions for the upcoming day. With the ability to edit, comment, and share work with anyone and everyone in the team, transitioning to remote work has never been easier. 

Introducing: Google Jamboard 

Want to spice it up even more? That’s where the Google Jamboard comes in. Now, what is the Google Jamboard? It is a digital whiteboard, and app bring an immersive experience for collaborations and education. The best thing about Google’s Jamboard is that it functions both as an enhancement in the office as well as an app to assist you, ensuring enjoyable, maximum home productivity during meetings. Share ideas and visualize plans together so cohesively, you almost forgot that work used to take place in an office. 

Google Jamboards come to the Libraries | NC State University Libraries

While both platforms offer many of the same applications, Google Education has a unique feature. Google Classroom’s design curates an engaging work setting for all students. In the Classroom, educators have complete control over who has access to their room and can post assignments, discussion questions, and quizzes. There, the students can interact with one another and any posts posted by either the teacher or peers. 


Far and wide, all the tools you need to be successful in the workplace and the classroom are all available through Google. Especially during an age of growing technology usage in all aspects of life, Google’s applications make it easier than ever to stay up to date and keep up in this fast-paced world. Contact iSmileTechnologies today for any inquiries or interests on how we can help you get started with Google today. 

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