Azure migration services

azure migration services

Azure migration services with iSmile Technologies  gives you the best azure migration strategy to leverage cloud benefits.  Although many businesses choose to keep their applications running in data centers, they may decide to transition to Cloud infrastructure in the future. iSmile Technologies provides a variety of services to assist these businesses in their transformation journey, enabling smooth migration to Azure. 

Our four-pronged strategy of Re-host, Re-factor, Re-architect, and Rebuild, as well as our years of experience handling cloud migrations across global enterprises, have provided us with the expertise to effectively address challenges arising from Cloud Migrations using Azure SQL Database, Kubernetes, and Azure IaaS VMs. 


Azure Migration Services

Azure migration services with iSmile Technologies: 

iSmile Technologies and Azure have partnered up as partners to provide innovation via an Agile Cloud adoption approach and to be a part of Enterprises’ cloud journey. Our extensive consulting expertise in Azure migration services enables us to create a road map for current IT estates and provide enticing solutions to ensure a seamless transition. 

Azure Application migration: 

The application migration approach begins with an evaluation of the total cost of ownership (TCO) for Azure Cloud versus running the apps in on-premises data centres. Furthermore, our Azure expert will assist you in developing a Lift and Shift plan from on-premises to Azure Cloud. The application strategy is as follows: rehost, refactor, rearchitect, and rebuild. 

Azure database migration: 

Legacy databases such as MS SQL and Oracle DB continue to run on Rackspace, and companies are feeling compelled to migrate to Microsoft Azure compatible databases such as Azure SQL database Managed Instance, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, and Azure Cosmos database. Our solutions cater to any database on a legacy network and easily migrate them to the Azure Cloud. 


Azure Micro services: 

Microservices are a tiny, self-contained software architectural style in which components connect using API contracts. Migrating monolith apps from data centers/on-premise servers to Azure necessitates breaking down monolith programmes into microservices through containers in Azure Kubernetes Services. Our architects work with businesses to deconstruct monolithic systems in order to enhance cloud readiness, crash isolation, and independent scalability. 

Azure Devops: 

Microsoft Azure is a continuous delivery platform that offers a variety of services and connects with the CI/CD pipeline, completing the development cycle. Our DevOps service, in conjunction with Azure, provides companies with a more rapid, scalable, and dependable solution. 

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