Cloud Services

ISmile cloud services help you reduce your cost of IT, attain scalability, improve collaboration between workflows and processes and ensure flexibility and agility in business. We help you free up your capital and resources and reduce the total cost of ownership. Our clients have registered increased productivity and have massively increased opportunities for innovation in businesses through our cloud services.

Our Cloud Services

We offer a suite of cloud services, including Cloud Consultation, Cloud Readiness Assessment, Migration of mission-critical workloads ensuring a minimum disruption in the work process, peak performance in the new environment and so on. 

Cloud Ops Services

We determine the right migration strategy, undertake in-depth scanning of your infrastructure, map out dependencies, create the roadmap, identify the partnership ecosystems for smooth migration to cloud.

Cloud Management & Optimization

We help optimization of storage infrastructure on cloud for security, durability and attaining low latency of applications and system data. Without us, you can scale up your cloud storage multiple times in real time as business demand spikes.

Cloud Advisory Services

We optimize the cloud workloads, storage, costs so that you can manage performance issues in real time, efficiently allocate resources, mitigate the risks, assess and plan management of the cloud model and reduce the TCO.

Cloud Migration Services

Our customized and advanced security analytics and capabilities generates deeper security insights enabling you to identify threats proactively and quicker response to security incidents.

Cloud Security Services

Our cloud backup solutions helps you in real time recovery and easy access of data. Our backup solutions have military grade encryptions and virtual servers/containers to ensure high availability of data and minimum downtime.

Multi-Cloud Management Platform

Our Cloud Managed Services helps you leverage the benefits of automated workflows, advanced data intelligence, automated and in-depth reporting, flexible backups for real time recovery, global compliance and more.

Our Partners

Why ISmile Technologies for Cloud?

ISmile technologies have been in the industry for a decade and have a proven background of efficient and timely work from several past and current customers. We understand that transitions in the business world can be hectic and stressful and create unusual challenges for the company. We counter that issue by clearly and concisely drawing out the transition plan and executing it with a zero-fault approach. We ensure that all data is migrated safely and adequately and then tested for access and control effectiveness after the migration.

We Take Your Business to Next Level

The deep bench of Multi-cloud Expertise

Our team contains industry knowledge leadership in cloud services, enablement, best practices, and deployment scenarios for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS-based solutions. We specialize in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and Rackspace public cloud services. We also offer private cloud services based on OpenStack.

Customizable and Scalable

All our Solutions & Services can be customized to fit your business needs and have been carefully crafted to be easily scaled up or down depending on the size of your requirement.


ISmile offers business-specific cloud solutions to drive maximum performance at minimum cost. We have an agile development process and flexible engagement plans.

We offer complete monitoring and maintenance of your systems, applications and workloads in a cloud-native environment post-migration to ensure seamless performance and high productivity.  

We provide detailed reports of the progress of migration periodically to let you know about the number of your workloads and components migrated. 

The rate depends on the scope of migration, including the person-hours required, the number of VMs and other components to be migrated, the cloud architecture desired and so on. 

It depends on the project’s scope, the complexity of the database architecture, the enormity of the mission-critical workloads and others. 

We create the roadmap for migration of your systems and applications and use best in class technology stack to execute the migration. 

Yes. We conduct cost feasibility studies, identify scopes of cost reduction without compromising performance and then implement the solutions. 

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