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CrowdStrike Falcon – Leverage Endpoint Protection

It might be possible to make the entire cleanup procedure self-contained if all dangers were equal. However, as all cybersecurity experts are aware, the complexity and potential effect of threats and incidents vary, making a one-size-fits-all strategy unfeasible, if not impossible.  

Large and small businesses alike require a variety of reaction capabilities. CrowdStrike Falcon combines automation with analyst-driven intervention gives enterprises the flexibility for effective and efficient incident response operations.  

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Why choose CrowdStrike Falcon as your security partner?

CrowdStrike Falcon’s automated remediation automates the time-consuming and often tedious clean-up operations by eliminating attack artifacts and dormant malware, which, if not removed, can lead to reinfection or be used in a subsequent assault. 

Analysts can choose which protected endpoints have this feature enabled. Once enabled, the Falcon platform automatically cleans away artifacts left behind after stopping necessary harmful behavior, such as dropped files and updated registry keys. For reporting and evaluation, the Falcon platform keeps track of all actions it takes and allows administrators to handle remediated artifacts from a central location, such as releasing a quarantined file. 

In CrowdStrike Falcon, scripts can automate process actions such as removing a persistent registry key from several hosts or initiating a system rollback if shadow copies are available, among other things. Responders can run bespoke scripts on Windows, macOS, or Linux on remote computers. 

Responders can automate and script their playbooks using the extensive API features, ensuring consistency and repeatability. While many responders are familiar with this type of approach, CrowdStrike offers rich API documentation and tools to assist all teams in getting the most out of their APIs. 

Ready to experience the full power of cloud technology?

Our cloud experts will speed up cloud deployment, and make your business more efficient.  

Before retrieving any new artifacts, teams can use Real-Time Response to detect and surgically eliminate all active attack components. 

The response possibilities with Real-Time Response are unlimited, thanks to the ability to launch commands, executables, and scripts. Here are a few examples: 

  • Navigate the file system and perform operations on it. 
  • Commonly used tools and PowerShell scripts to upload and download files to and from the system to the CrowdStrike cloud Stage.
  • Processes that are currently running and those killed are listed below. 
  • Memory dumps, event logs, and other files can be retrieved. 
  • Display the network connections.
  • Search for, create, and modify registry keys. 
  • Identify security services that aren’t working and get them up and running again.

In the real world, efficient processes provide incident responders with the speed and agility needed to complete the task, ranging from regular malware removal to more complicated surgical procedures. Responders with more flexibility in their remote response capacity can avoid downtime, save time and resources, remove threat actors, and reduce the impact of an attack.  

These workflows frequently include automated, programmed, and manual elements. CrowdStrike provides responders with the flexibility and capabilities they require for their particular response posture – one size does not fit all. 


CrowdStrike Falcon is a cloud-delivered endpoint protection solution that unifies and simplifies cloud workload security through a single platform that enables the simple and rapid rollout of new workload protection capabilities without impacting performance, adding complexity or overhead. ISmile Technologies will help you introduce CrowdStrike Falcon to your estate. Our professionals are specifically here to meet your organization’s wide range of endpoint security needs. 

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