Top 5 best practices to revamp your Cloud Migration Strategy

With the fast-changing business requirements, Cloud solutions have proven to be the best option for organizations to keep up with the dynamic demands. Enterprises prefer moving their infrastructure to the cloud for various reasons, primarily to save operational costs. Part of this reason, moving to the cloud has become a business necessity than just a way to update technology.  

However, most organizations don’t have a great cloud migration plan; therefore, the need for revamping your organization’s cloud migration strategy is far more critical. In 2020, Cloud Vision reported that more than 41% of business workloads run on cloud platforms which are the very evidence that shows how cloud migration has become a priority for some businesses.  

Top 5 best practices to revamp cloud migration strategy 

The process of cloud migration isn’t easy, and some disruptions can occur if there is no expert involved in the cloud deployment. That is why knowing the best practices of revamping cloud migration strategy might be helpful.  

1. Create your cloud migration strategy  
The first step to revamping your cloud strategy is breaking the whole idea down into small segments for a better implementation process. Initially, figure out your business’s motives, use cases, and reasons for moving to a cloud platform. The migration process should be divided into parts to avoid risk.  

2. Create a governance framework  
Developing a governance framework is a part of the organization’s concern to maintain security and compliance. Documenting the entire origination’s structure, policies, objectives, roles, and responsibilities will help settle down the policy-based rules and provide overall security to businesses.  

3. Optimize your cloud network  
All kinds of business activity and storage can take place in the cloud. It is easier to optimize cloud services once cloud migration deployment gets done; you require a good internet connection.  

4. Up skill your team  
Not having a cloud expert team in your enterprise will eventually make your process of cloud migration difficult. Cloud migration service providers do train company employees on how to use new concepts within the cloud. Training your own IT team will ensure more security of your data and data assets.  

5. Software licensing 
Licencing rules can be troublesome if all the documentation related to software and application isn’t complete. Most companies are confused about these licensing rules. Therefore it is advisable to take your vendor’s help in this matter. Moreover, you can use different software management tools, which will ultimately help you reduce cost and license management issues.  


Revamping your cloud migration strategy isn’t that easy, but having an expert like cloud migration providers will ensure the complete safety of your data and its associated assets. We have learned about the five best practices organizations can use to upgrade their business by updating their cloud migration strategy.  

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