Tools that Help You in Azure Migration

Tools that Help You to Make Azure Migrate Service Work for You

Azure migrate service initially focused on allowing users to discover and migrate to VMware virtual machines, on-premise servers, and Hyper-V virtual machines. Azure migrate services have evolved. This service now allows you to migrate workloads to the Azure platform.  

Azure migrate helps you to migrate the following types of workloads: 
1. Servers
2. Database 
3. Web Applications 
4. Virtual desktops  
5. Data 

Azure migrate provides the following tools to help you in migrating your data: 

Azure Migrate Server Assessment:  Assess and discover VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs, and physical servers to check if they are ready to migrate.  

Azure Migrate Server Migration: Migrate Hyper-V VMs, physical servers, and public cloud VMs to Azure.  

Web App Migration Assistant: Assess on-premises websites and their infrastructure for migration to Azure App Service.  

Movere: It is a SaaS platform acquired by Microsoft and integrated into Azure. It can visualize the entire IT market. 

Azure Database Migration Service: It creates assessment reports with recommendations to guide you through a migration. The reports get generated by Data Migration Assistant (DMA).  

Azure Data Migration Assistant: It creates an environment for safe data migration. It is an automatic tool.


Azure Migrate service includes Azure database migration, azure cloud migration, Azure data migration, etc. These services help the user quickly and safely migrate their data to Azure SQL.  

If you need further assistance with the Azure migration service, please visit our website: We are a team of talented individuals helping institutes and individuals with IT services.  

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Register a Free Cloud ROI Assesment Workshop

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