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Cloud Migration – Use Cases

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Cloud-based solutions are attractive for a long list of reasons, as these cloud migration case studies show.

Still, the process can be time-consuming and costly, and organizations need to weigh those costs against the potential benefits. When considering cloud migration, it’s essential to look at it from the top down – for successful, growing businesses and large organizations; the switch is often worth the effort. 

These four cloud migration case studies are good examples of how this switch can make a lot of sense in various industries, both financially and operationally. 

A central Global Bank migrated to Private Cloud

#1 A central Global Bank migrated to Private Cloud

Our client is a prominent American bank planning to migrate its data, applications, and services to a private cloud. The challenge was to create a comprehensive private cloud solution that included automation. We Provided Architected and developed Enterprise-wide private cloud solutions (Shared Services). 

Also offered built for supporting .NET, Java Portal, MQ, BOO, Data stage, Cadis, SQL Server 2008R2, SSRS, Crystal Reports, Oracle, and DB2, by analyzing existing architecture, compatibility techniques, evaluating solution alternatives, developing prototypes, writing detailed technical requirements, and setup of the private cloud using automation. Along with that, we migrated more than 400 applications and managed more than 10 resources.  

Cloud Transformation Solution for a significant Media Organization

#2 Cloud Transformation Solution for a significant Media Organization

The need was to develop a data-as-a-service solution via establishing a data management and analytics platform. The client required this to get in-depth insights from data and complete audience data management. 

iSmile Technologies provisioned highly scalable and elastic solutions that implement industry best practices using cloud services. The data management platform and other DAAS solutions offered by us help you manage your data and help you have a granular analysis of customer characteristics like lifestyle, buying intent, demographics, geographics, personality, etc.  

The buyer insights obtained from online and offline transactional data through our data service solutions enabled the creation of high-impact marketing campaigns. We ensured minimum setup time using the DAAS solution, lesser downtime or disruptions, more scalability and flexibility, and reduced data management and processing costs. Our DAAS solutions could access and process data from hundreds of data providers from multiple industry verticals percolating through offline and online channels. 

Cloud Migration Solution for a Major Packing Industry

# 3 Cloud Migration Solution for a Major Packing Industry

The client needed to migrate their data, applications, and services to the cloud. They also required Factory Automation Software to ensure the proper functioning of their packing robots and other machines.  

iSmile Technologies designed a strategy for their organization to migrate all the data, applications, and services to the cloud. Also, iSmile designed a Factory automation tool using AI ML to control all the automated machines from one software only.  

The technologies used in both the processes were Azure, Cloud Space, Movero, Rock ware Automation, etc. A cloud migration allowed the business organization to quickly expand and grow while working with your existing infrastructure. This means applications and data can grow without impacting your business performance or customer experience. The Factory Automation system allowed the organization to a continuous mass production 24/7.  

Cloud Migration for a Major Bank of United States

#4 Cloud Migration for a Major Bank of United States

The client required cloud migration for its services, applications, and data to make its functions quick, reliable, and secure. They also wanted to enhance the customer’s experience, drive real-time payments and optimize financial crime prevention. 

iSmile Technologies drive innovative cloud migration solution for the client with Azure. With this customized migration strategy, the client will utilize unlimited, elastic cloud resources to drive more robust risk management and meet regulatory compliance requirements. The data will process faster as compared to the other storage methods. It also improves the risk insights, helps to manage risks, and responds more quickly to regulatory pressures.  

By migrating data to the cloud, the client can access new opportunities like expanding data storage, reducing cost, and integrating data services for learning, compliance, and forecasting. In this migration, all the strategies revolved around making the services quick and improving the customer experience with the client.  

Every business has different needs and challenges to face during cloud migration. Find out how 
iSmile Technologies can help you design and develop new solutions that leverage today’s most advanced cloud services. 

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