Benefits and Best Practices for VM Cloud Migration

Migration is not a single step. It is a journey that involves many small steps. There are many practices for migrating VMs to GCP platforms and vice versa. VMs require computer resources and other services such as databases, analytics, and messaging. Here are the primary benefits of running these applications on a VM:  

1. Cost reduction : Costs are significantly lower than managing hardware or virtual machines in traditional data centres.  

2. Agility :You can instantly create virtual machines and don’t have to wait for resources to be acquired and provisioned, due to which customers see an immediate improvement in agility.  

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3. Reduced Overhead : Moving to the cloud can improve overhead. Some of the things you need to consider for your migration journey:  

  • Calculating the costs : You need to calculate the move cost before you move any VMs.  
  • Assessing the VMs to migrate : Choose which VMs to migrate after evaluating the move cost. There are different types of applications running in VMs, and there is no point in moving them together.  
  • Establishing governance : You need to choose who to create, access, modify, and destroy cloud resources in your company.  
  • Creating a network : Creating a network before moving any VMs will reduce difficulty.  
  • Planning for operations : You need to manage operations when the VMs are running in the cloud.  
  • Migrating VMs to the cloud :After performing the above steps now, you are finally ready to migrate your first VMs. You should refine your service as you gain experience in migrating your data to the cloud.  


VM cloud migration may become a tedious task if you don’t follow guided steps. It could help you improve your business faster as workers assess data quickly. This process may take some time, but it will save you a lot of money and improve your work quality.  

If you want in-depth knowledge and guidance for VM migration services, you can visit our website: We provide quality guidance and IT services.  

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Register a Free Cloud ROI Assesment Workshop

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Register a Free Cloud ROI Assesment Workshop
Register a Free Cloud ROI Assesment Workshop

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