A Path to Successful Cloud Migration

A Path to Successful Cloud Migration – iSmile Technologies

For companies who want to innovate or modernize their business and stay competitive, having their applications in the cloud will be helpful. What is more, there are also be external reasons to move to the cloud, for example, the on-premises system is hitting capacity threshold, wants a new data-center provider, or concern about security.  

However, the first move of start this digital transformation journey will be the most challenging part. Thus, today, I’m writing this blog to guide you with this. This blog is mainly referenced to Google service’s article “How to put your company on a path to successful cloud migration”. 

Getting Started

Before starting the technical process, as a first step, they should follow careful planning and business owners should have a clear understanding of their situations, then it would become easier for them to find the right migration option for their business needs. 

Finding the right migration option

There are three types of migration strategy: Lift and-shift or lift-and-optimize strategy, Move-and-improve strategy with light modernization, Refactor strategy with full modernization. 

The table shows the requirements of the workload needed for different strategies. 


Lift and-shift 

Move-and-improve strategy  



Required no change the operating model or sometimes with light modernization 

Required improvement or innovation with light modernization 

Required completely deprecating the origin systems and tech stacks 

Time to value with Migration options

The figure of Time to value with migration options show the details of what these strategies can perform in the transformation from on-premises systems to the cloud. 


As you can see from the strategy overview, the best type of migration strategy for you will depend on business needs and the level of workloads transformation required. You can find the best approach that work you the best. 


This blog is written by Minyi Zhao, Data Scientist Intern at iSmile Technologies. 


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