Cloud Management & Optimization

Cloud management and optimization is critical to keep the systems running up in the cloud. If required, we cause significant changes to the organization’s operating model and mindset. We aim to provide more control and autonomy to users over the estate. We undertake cost management and optimization, provisioning, automation, collect performance and availability metrics, along with prioritizing and management of workloads.

We are a trusted name when it comes to cloud management and optimization owing to

  • Ensuring operational efficiency while minimizing costs and risks  
  • Intelligent management of multi-cloud environments  
  • Higher uptime attained through automation  
  • Deployment into the cloud with near-zero downtime 

Our Services include

Optimizing Resource Consumption

We optimize computing resources by resizing instances, employ the best storage optimization model, and negate waste by eliminating unnecessary resources.

Managing Configuration Changes

We undertake all asset and configuration management on cloud. We mitigate risks by employing right settings and better plan changes and releases.

Selecting & Managing the Cloud Platform

By selecting the rightmost cloud management platforms for organization and managing them, we enhance capabilities for discovery, automation, orchestration and provisioning.

Our Partners

Why ISmile Technologies
For Cloud Management And Optimization?

ISmile technologies is a preferred choice for cloud management and optimization by several organizations. We have effectively managed their systems, performance on the cloud, ensuring minimum downtime.


ISmile offers business-specific cloud solutions to drive maximum performance at minimum cost. We have an agile development process and flexible engagement plans.  

Cloud computing is a system that includes data storage, servers, software and database and make them available through the internet. Cloud computing helps businesses to reduce upfront IT infrastructure costs. 

Cloud is a safe place to store critical data, and with its increasing popularity, it is surpassing the capabilities of most on-premises systems.  The pandemic has also boosted the cloud market, and with the rise in its application, security is also improved.

These are five cloud migration strategies: 

  • Re-hosting 
  • Re-platforming 
  • Re-purchasing  
  • Refactoring 
  • Retiring 

Few of the benefits of moving to the cloud are:  

  • Agility and scalability 
  • Reduced hosting costs  
  • Security  
  • Disaster recovery possibilities  
  • Resource savings  

We have different types of packages to fit your needs and budget. These packages fulfil the requirement of an organization depending on their needs. 

Following are the challenges of moving to the cloud:  

  • Downtime 
  • Data loss 
  • Resource management  
  • Compatibility issue  

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