Cloud Advisory Services

Cloud Advisory Services provides a detailed plan of action to migrate data, IT resources, and other infrastructures to the cloud.

In order to ensure that you are getting everything you need it is important to understand the advantages as well as every aspect of the process. At iSmile technologies, we deliver on all fronts, providing you with in-depth details every step of the way.

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Benefits of Cloud Advisory Services:

Cloud Transparency:

Cloud Advisory services will allow both parties to understand the business environment and how to act appropriately when evaluating needs and wants. Along with this, a guide for expected finish date and every move will be included to ensure no surprises. 

Cloud Assessment:

Applications will be assessed to understand which ones are best suited for migration to the cloud and which ones are better suited staying on-prem or to be retired.  


An analysis of cost saved will be provided through each avenue there is expressed interest.

Stay ahead:

Proactively assessing what the best route for action is and when no action is needed or wanted. Cloud experience is handy and top of the line experts are always searching for avenues.

Why iSmile Technologies?

iSmile Technologies has been in the industry for a decade and has a proven background for efficient and timely work from several past and current customersWe understand that transitions in the business world are necessary but hectic and stressful by causing challenges to the company. We counter that issue by clearly and concisely drawing out our plan and then executing it with a zero-fault attitude. We ensure that every inch of ground is covered before beginning our process. 

Cloud Advisory Features:

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