How COVID-Analyzer helps us all?

Who can benefit from the COVID-Analyzer? All public spaces and businesses can benefit from this product. Some of the examples of such most common places is given below: Restaurants Universities Business Workspaces Banks Gyms/Fitness Centers All Social Gatherings .. etc.   How Does COVID-Analyzer work? The COVID-Analyzer consists of multiple models integrated together into a […]


Today, AI/ML technology is being used in almost every field. It not only helps in the growth of businesses by decision-making but is also far better at predicting behaviour than the human mind. For example, computer models trained to identify individual’s personality traits provide more accurate results than their friends and family members based exclusively […]

How AI uncovers important contract data

We believe that the world is sure to adopt a form of natively-digital contracting. But there are several problems with contract data. Problem 1: Contracts are unstructured, un standardized, and use nuanced legal language. Problem 2. Contracts exist to guard against rare and potentially catastrophic occurrences, so tolerance for false negatives and false positives are […]

How to Implement ML on Big Query

If you have worked on R or Python to build Machine Learning models, you can relate to how time-consuming it can get to select the right syntax, perform EDA, feature selection, packages to import or decide on the values of the hyper parameters. Google Cloud Platform has not just made it easy for all the […]

Preparing for serverless big data open-source software

Cloud technology has enabled data scientists and data analysts to deliver value without investing in an extensive infrastructure. Serverless architecture can help to reduce the associated costs of per-use billing. There are many big data open-source software such as Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Presto, and many others that continue to become promising in the industry-standard […]

Building the cloud-native future at Google Cloud

The first thing we think when we hear about Cloud native is its technologies that help build and run scalable and secure applications in the cloud. It is an approach to building and running applications that exploit advantages of the cloud computing model. Using this architecture when organizations build and operate their applications, they bring […]