How Technology is Reshaping Supply Chain Management

supply chain management

Technology is rapidly changing day by day in every business sector. Supply chain management system has also been affected by it significantly. From real time tracking of products to precise delivery, every step of the […]

Modernization of legacy applications


Approaches to modernize legacy applications Legacy applications are the biggest hindrance to making business IT infrastructure agile. Most of the scope of expansion and improving on performance can’t be solved […]

Site Reliability Engineering Best Practices


There always existed barriers between development and operations team during software development. Over the years, several concepts and measures have been adopted by companies to break down those barriers in […]

Top 5 Surprising Facts About MuleSoft (2021)

mulesoft consultancy services

MuleSoft is one of the most prominent software used by bazillions of corporations across the world including companies like eBay, Capgemini, Deloitte and Coca-Cola. It has a unified development environment named […]