DevOps Implementation

DevOps has slowly become the buzzword in the industry. There is a lot of information and strategies for DevOps. But a concrete plan for DevOps implementation is still lacking. In […]

Introduction to DevOps


The term DevOps was originally coined by Patrick Debois. DevOps is generally seen as an extension of Agile which ensures that faster, iterative code development results in equally fast code deployment. DevOps […]

Difference between DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE

Introduction  Though DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE, all three techniques serve the same basic role of managing the development infrastructure but their semantics are different. There are some subtle dissimilarities between all […]

DevOps Infrastructure Automation Assessment

devops services

What is DevOps Infrastructure Automation Assessment?  In the growing, IT industry, delivering quality products and that too with high speed is now important than ever before. For that most of the […]

Virtual Capabilities in an ecommerce site

virtual chatbot

Virtual capabilities are not the future, they are “The now”. Virtual Assistants are the new of era efficient assistance one can provide for the customer. A virtual assistant is a […]

What is the link between Cloud and DevOps?


Cloud, and in particular application migration to the cloud, and DevOps are two important and current trends for any IT team wishing to anchor the digital transformation of their business.  […]

DevOps: The Benefits of DevOps

benefits of devops

DevOps is the combination of practices and tools designed to increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services faster than traditional software development processes. The organization is very important and […]