Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies for Skin Cancer

Our application can help you detect skin cancer but taking prevention strategies and being mindful of risk factors will help you protect from skin cancer in the long run. So, in this Blog I will be talking about several Risk factors that are associated with Skin Cancer and some prevention strategies based on some previous studies and […]

Using Flutter for Image classification Application

  Skin Cancer is a one of the most underrated disease that mostly people are unaware of it. And due to this unawareness many people lose their lives. So this project is all about getting people an easy way to check whether it is a skin cancer or not. A web application that will let […]

Cloud functions: a FaaS for event-driven ML prediction

  Skin Cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world. An AI powered product can prove greatly useful to detect this type of cancer due to the following reasons. -The fact that the symptoms are generally visible to the naked eye.-Additionally, an early diagnosis is proven to be instrumental in preventing fatality […]

React Hooks

What is HR Automation? It is a feature introduced to play with states in functional components as previously it was just being used with class components only. Hooks are the functions which “hook into” React state and life cycle features from function components. RULES FOR USING HOOKS: (1)- Only call hooks at top level (2)- […]

Virtual Consultation Overview

Now more than ever, we need all kinds of healthcare services that can be delivered virtually. A doctor’s virtual consultation is a comfortable and efficient way to provide therapy. Fitness instruction could also be easily and effectively delivered virtually. Demand for virtual consultation is growing for a means to avoid the expense, burden, and time […]