Cloud Security: Systems, Tools and Measures

Cloud Security

Cloud security includes all the technologies, security policies, controls and processes that offers protection to your cloud-based systems, applications and data centers etc. Cloud security helps you prevent financial, reputation and legal loss. […]

3 Stages of Cloud Transformation

cloud transformation

Cloud Transformation gives organizations the abilities to adapt to the latest technology and to better anticipate and respond to market needs. Recently, business agility has become essential to every facet of an organization. For example, […]

Facing the Challenges of Cloud Migration

It has been a difficult year for businesses as some have suffered gravely while others have excelled due to their flexibility and ableness to meet customer demands in the midst […]

Use cases of ML in Azure Databricks for the finance sector!

Machine learning in finance sector:  Machine Learning has penetrated almost every industry and is being extensively used for carrying analytical work which helps the company make important business decisions. Talking about the finance sector, […]

Cloud discovery and readiness assessments

Cloud migration are compelling method to drive operational efficiencies and to flip capital costs to operational. Effective cloud movements are established in inclination towards activity and execute with earnestness towards triggers that […]

Cloud for companies

Cloud computing took a star turn this past year for its major supporting role in keeping the economy running during the coronavirus pandemic, as it facilitated the day-to-day workflows of […]


Virtualization basically refers to the process of creating a virtual version of any sort of computing services like different operating systems in a single device using a virtual machine, virtual […]