Analysis between BiqQuery and Snowflake for EDP

Analysis is done on the basis of different criteria.  Pricing  Ease of Use  Portability  Performance  Scalability  Pricing: BigQuery costs for every query. Whereas, in Snowflake you pay for how much compute     takes place and you can run any number of queries without any charges.  Portability: BigQuery is a native Google Cloud Platform (GCP) service so it only runs […]

Hosting Django App on GCP

  Skin Cancer is a one of the most underrated disease that mostly people are unaware of it. And due to this unawareness many people lose their lives. So this project is all about getting people an easy way to check whether it is a skin cancer or not. A web application that will let […]

My ongoing journey with the company, iSmile Technologies

Hi, I am Akansha Kaushik. I would like to express a few words of gratitude towards my ongoing journey with the company, iSmile Technologies. I would also like to give a brief introduction about my ongoing project, which is on demand forecast that we use, and process historical sales data to develop an estimate of […]

My internship at Ismile Technologies

As a part of my internship at Ismile Technologies, I am working on an Oncology project – something that I have wanted to work on for a very long time. I’m immensely grateful for this excellent opportunity to lead and work with a very talented team for materializing this project. The inspiration for our Cancer […]


AI & Machine Learning is creating a big boom in every type of industry. It dramatically helps many peoples by assisting or recommending them with essential things, and it is like a personal assistant in all the aspects. So the next phase of the revolution is wholly based on the AI, Robotic and IoT. In […]

EEG and Eye-Tracking in NeuroMarketing

Neuromarketing is a discipline that complements marketing research and makes use of scientific laboratories and techniques such as brain imaging (with EEG), implicit response tests, eye-tracking and facial coding, to name a few. Among several techniques used EEG and Eye-Tracking are most important ones. Electroencephalogram (EEG) The electroencephalogram (EEG) is an often used technique in […]

The Week of Fusion : Creativity and Tech

After working at iSmile Technologies, I can surely say one thing, we have come a long way from where we started. Our recent project was on Neuromarketing. From all of the research and other stuff, we were able to find the techniques used for achieving the Neuromarketing and build the model on most of those […]

Banking Credit Card Spend Prediction

Idea and Concept: Credit scores are designed to make decisions easier for lenders. The bank would like to understand what factors are driving credit card spend. The bank wants to use these insights to calculate credit limit. Credit scores help lenders decide whether or not to approve loan applications and determine what loan terms to […]


We have implemented the neural network model for the time series prediction of our sales. Time series analysis serves as the basis for the demand forecast. In this type of model, tracking selected independent variables over a defined period enables forecasting predictable fluctuations in demand according to a prevailing trend, such as peak versus low periods. We […]

A glimpse of my journey at iSmile Technologies

As a part of my internship at iSmile Technologies, I am currently working as the project lead on an Oncology project – something that I wanted to work on, for a very long time. I’m immensely grateful for this wonderful opportunity to lead and work with a very talented team. And for their hard work […]