Case Study

Vehicle Automation System for a leading Agriculture Vehicle manufacturer

The client is the leading organization who manufactures agricultural vehicles like trucks and buses. They also sell fully automatic vehicles which can perform all the tasks themselves.


The client’s need was a Vehicle Automation system that they could embed with their agricultural trucks and give the gift of fully automatic trucks to the farmers. The trucks will be capable of doing all the activities like driving, crop cutting, fuel tracking and more on their own.


iSmile Technologies architectured and developed a system that can convert the trucks into automatic trucks. The technologies used in the development process are cloud and APIs. The API-based system can directly communicate with the trucks. The user can command the trucks according to the work that needs to be done, and then after completing the work, the trucks will come back to their place.

Also, farmers can track the activities of the truck and check if they are working according to instructions or not.


The client launched their series of Automatic trucks, which works on the Vehicle Automation system delivered by iSmile technologies. The trucks are in heavy demand in the market, and a proved a great innovation for the farmers.

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