Case Study

Cloud Migration for a Major Bank of United States

The client was a Major Bank of the United States committed to offering high-end financial services to their clients. They support businesses and employees, stakeholders, and communities to help them grow in the market. 


The client required cloud migration for its services, applications, and data to make its functions quick, reliable, and secure. They also wanted to enhance the customer’s experience, drive real-time payments and optimize financial crime prevention. 


iSmile Technologies drive innovative cloud migration solution for the client with Azure. With this customized migration strategy, the client will utilize unlimited, elastic cloud resources to drive more robust risk management and meet regulatory compliance requirements. The data will process faster as compared to the other storage methods. It also improves the risk insights, helps to manage risks, and responds more quickly to regulatory pressures. 

By migrating data to the cloud, the client can access new opportunities like expanding data storage, reducing cost, and integrating data services for learning, compliance, and forecasting. In this migration, all the strategies revolved around making the services quick and improving the customer experience with the client. 


After migration, the client is managing the services on more than 700 machines. They are now capable of providing an outstanding customer experience with high safety and speedy process. 

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