Case Study

Cloud-based Auction Software for a leading Auto Insurance company

The client is the leading Auto insurance company that offers a global digital marketplace to connect vehicle buyers and sellers in one place.


The organization needed a system for conducting online auctions of used cars. The system should have the capability to conduct real-time auctions, and this will also be able to connect buyers and sellers in one place.


iSmile Technologies built an online Auction system and delivered all the features asked by the client. The system was utterly cloud based where sellers could auction their cars, and buyers could bid their prices for the same car. The technologies used here were Azure for cloud interface and .net for designing as well as development purposes.

The system can handle multiple users without draining its performance; this is why the client is still using the system and quite satisfied with its performance.


The client experienced a massive change in their business growth after implementing this system. iSmile Technologies’ cloud-based auction system allowed their seller to conduct auctions and sell their cars at their desired prices. Buyers can also buy cars that fit their requirements.

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