Choosing a customer 360 focussed data platform 

Choosing a customer 360 focussed data platform 

Steps to choose 360 focussed customer data platform 

Create a cross department team and rope in the stakeholders 

The customer data platform you are intending to select will be using data from various departments within your organisation. You need to confirm the data from which departments the CDP will handle. So, you need to bring in all the stakeholders. Their inputs must be included in various stages of the buying and implementation of the CDP within your organisation 

Determine the use cases 

CDP may be generally used for consolidating your data into a single database but what you aim to attain through consolidation must be determined. Brainstorm with the stakeholders to find the appropriate use cases for your CDP. If the use cases are properly defined and CDP implemented and bought according to that, you can create a data drive organisation. 

Some use cases of the CDP may be 

  • Improving customer experience of the processes and services 
  • Ease out data collection, storage, processing and retrieval 
  • Help in having advanced analytics for your data 
  • Coordinate workflows and processes in a better manner for higher efficiency 
  • End data siloes and gaps invisibility 
  • Real time availability of vital data for various activities like marketing campaigns, events, meet, customer service etc 
Choosing a customer 360 focussed data platform 

Decide the customer interaction tools 

You need to decide the tools that will be connected to your CDP and that will be used for interaction with your customers. It may include live chats, website, help desk systems, alert systems, email platforms and others. With the right CDP and a set of customer interaction tools alongwith analytics , you can have a 360 degree view of your customer. You can fine tune the customer experience during their journey. Right CDP creates a unified profile of your customer and provide seamless experience through linked devices. Getting the right set of customer interaction tools is the starting point. 

Extensions for integrations with the right tools 

Your CDP should be easily integrated with tools like 

  • Live chat 
  • Business Intelligence tools 
  • Data warehouses 
  • Analytics and advertising tools and so on. 

Have a session with the stakeholders on the tools and technologies you wish to integrate with your CDP for improved customer experience and look for the CDP details and offerings to match your expectations of integration of functionalities. If your CDP already have those integrations, you are well on the path of creating a valuable asset for your organisation 

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Security factors 

Ensure that your CDP has the level of security needed to ensure protection of your sensitive data. Ensure that your CDP helps you in meeting all the compliance requirements like GDPR, CCPA etc. 

For ensuring that you have a 360-degree customer focussed data platform, you need to address the following questions with your stakeholders and vendors.

  • Is the CDP capable of capturing customer profiles? 
  • Is it able to capture customer interaction and transaction data? 
  • Does the CDP have all the necessary integration to improve customer experience? 
  • Does the CDP enlist all the sources from where the data is percolating and how often such data needs to be updated? 
  • Will the CDP help in matching, merging, customisation and removing duplication from customer data? 
  • Are the customer data security concerns aptly addressed through the CDP? 
  • Can the CDP be scaled if new branches or social channels are to be added? 

There can be many more questions that can be added from customer experience point of view. 

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