Barakah Remote Suite 2.0


Introducing Barakah Remote Suite 2.0!

Our Barakah Remote Suite 2.0 onboards your employees, contractors, contingent workers to work remotely or from office within a couple of hours and they can start contributing to your success within less than 48 hours, while maintaining compliance, regulatory standards.

It’s a 100% end to end virtualized environment, they only need an endpoint device to connect to our Cloud Desktop solution or we can provide a Grab and Go Endpoint Device too

From $40 to $250 per desktop per month!


supports Cloud Desktop (on any operating system)

End Point Device enabled ( Grab and Go)

compatible with Productivity Solutions (on any Collaboration Suite)

Unlimited technical support

supports high redundancy across multiple data centers

Uses Security protection (i.e antivirus programs)

Thin clients to take the place of your workstations

implements Data storage and backup

Allows for Customized application installation, allowing you to put your whole network on the cloud

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