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Harden Azure Cloud Security

Azure security is a term used to represent the tools and tricks available on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. To operate all these tools and maintain their efficiency, the Azure security centre exists.

What is Azure Security 

Azure Security is the cluster of security tools and tips present on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It offers a wide variety of physical, infrastructure, and operational controls to secure its cloud system. It can support multiple programming languages, frameworks, devices, and operating systems as a leading cloud computing platform. It’s a fully online system to access its services and resources until it connects to the internet. 

Best practices for Azure cloud security 

Visibility is the first step when we talk about protecting any environment; it is the first step towards protecting the Azure cloud and users. Early detection of any malware or potential irregular behaviour is subject to change on understanding the activity in the environment. Cloud logs are the most acceptable source of this insight; moreover, many teams are new to this type of source and may encounter challenges when configuring these logs.   

As a team, when you focus on building a plan for logging in the cloud and determining which logs are most relevant for their environment, there are some essential considerations to ensure your success.  

  • The first step is to turn on the logs, some logs in the environment are enabled by default, but others may need the explicit configuration. Each subscription tier has different logging configurations, which may need an adjustment to ensure that the proper logs flow. Please don’t assume anything on your own; it is essential to understand which logs are missing, confirm the relevant objects and expect to consider them in these logs.  
  • The second step is to centralize to Event Hubs. Methods for exploring data may vary by the type of logs; for example, sometimes logs are offered via an expert feature, setting, or a checkbox as you configure the log. You have to ensure that the logs are flowing according to your requirements.  
  • The third step is a subscription. Again, there are logging and configuration steps with each type of subscription. For example, the Azure security centre is not accessible to every type of customer and subscription, which means you may miss the third-party alerts. Security teams consider a must-have P1 or P2 subscription at minimum to start with the directory Sign-in and Audit logs.  

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With focused and proper configuration and log flow at the right place, teams can begin pushing the data to their SIEM (security information and event management) tool. Azure Event Hubs are often put pressure to aggregate logs into the SIEM. Again, it will individually configure the logs to flow into the event hub. Putting all this data in a SIEM, you will have clear visibility of your Azure environment and view this data from other systems in your environment. Some traditional SIEMs may not be able to insert these diverse datasets. When calculating modern SIEMs, it is essential to understand and validate how your teams aggregate data across the cloud.  

Cloud-integrated storage has two implementation levels, along with several categories of recommendations. In level one, there are minimum security settings. On most of the systems, these settings should be accessible. Level two services suggest as for all environments, may also reduce functionality.   

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Azure Cloud security is a compelling set of tools to protect your cloud data. Microsoft Azure customers have access to limited security features, but they also need to integrate their security efforts and tools to cover all the needs. Users have to prioritize securing their Azure cloud computing infrastructure, along with any of Microsoft’s SaaS applications that they might be using.  

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