Automotive Predictive Analyser

Automotive reasons, like the failure of the parts of the trucks that directly leads to the delay of the product. Humane reasons, like the driver being careless and not driving properly or going down the wrong path. To counter these reasons, we have created automotive predictive analyser mobile app. Its driver assist & route optimisation features notify through SOS signal sender and  

  • Helps when the driver is distracted 
  • Helps when the driver is drowsy 
  • Optimizes the traffic routes to find the fastest route to destination 
  • Check for status and alert drivers about oncoming storms or unplanned gatherings on the route 

Features of the product

Solutions with Interactive and hassle-free interface and seamless functionality ensure that you get the best of experience.

Predictive Maintenance

It helps in the predictive maintenance of the engine control unit

Driver Assist

There is drowsiness alert feature couple with SOS/Call feature

Route Optimization

It provides speed and distance overview alongwith real time tracking of the vehicle location to optimise transport routes

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Our products are efficient, durable, ensure peak experience and are apt to solve your most intricate problems and require very low maintenance.

In case there is failure of any electrical or mechanical part, the app uses data from the sensors to identify it and notify the driver 

It is compatible with web and mobile 

The app sends an e-mail notification to the driver regarding the contact info of the nearest shop where the driver can get a replacement. 

The remote switch ensures that control automatically switches between primary and secondary components if one fails.

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