HR Automation

What is HR Automation?

The Human Resources Department of any company is always occupied with heavy documents handling tasks and data tracking which is a headache and requires lots of effort and time. HR automation helps your company to get those time-consuming tasks completed in a matter of minutes without much hassle so you can focus on your most important works only.

Why HR Automation?

As in 21st Century, most of the emerging companies work with e-documents or digital data in computers, it is very easy for HR automation to handle computerize data store them in one centralize arrange in such a manner which can be accessed by anyone without much efforts.


  • Time Saving
  • Human error-free
  • Consistent
  • No physical documents
  • Saves money and eco-friendly (by not printing documents)
  • Increase Productivity

What HR Automation Includes?

  • Employees Onboarding

For any company recruiting the best talent for them is the most known problem. The employee onboarding process has to deal with lots of documents such as work permit, offer letter, resume, residence document, manage status of recruitment and lot more which also compiles with lots of time and is also inefficient. HR automation helps you do all that process in a matter of minutes automatically. So, you can spend most of your time accruing the best talents for your company.

  • Employee Offboarding

For most of the peoples, offboarding process is an awkward task as you have to work for offboarding process for the person you have form great bonds working together past long time. How about accepting/rejecting resignation in just a couple of mouse clicks and rest all process of removing employee from current employee list, terminate their payroll benefits and account, and more is done automatically? All this can be achieved through HR automation for any company no matter how large companies’ data are!

We will discuss more about Automation of Recruitment, Performance Evaluation of Employees, Timesheet Record process in our upcoming blog (please link next blog here).

Lastly Concluding, We here at Ismiletechnologies can help you automate heavy tasks of your HR department with the help of our user-friendly Digital Transformation portal and great support at all the time which will help you save lots of money, time and energy for you and your company.

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