Cloud Forensics

Overview     The concept of cloud has truly transformed the technology world and so did the increasing rates of digital and cybercrime. To combat this huge loss, cloud services providers as […]

Virtual Capabilities in an ecommerce site

virtual chatbot

Virtual capabilities are not the future, they are “The now”. Virtual Assistants are the new of era efficient assistance one can provide for the customer. A virtual assistant is a […]

What is the link between Cloud and DevOps?


Cloud, and in particular application migration to the cloud, and DevOps are two important and current trends for any IT team wishing to anchor the digital transformation of their business.  […]

DevOps: The Benefits of DevOps

benefits of devops

DevOps is the combination of practices and tools designed to increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services faster than traditional software development processes. The organization is very important and […]

3 Stages of Cloud Transformation

cloud transformation

Cloud Transformation gives organizations the abilities to adapt to the latest technology and to better anticipate and respond to market needs. Recently, business agility has become essential to every facet of an organization. For example, […]

Facing the Challenges of Cloud Migration

It has been a difficult year for businesses as some have suffered gravely while others have excelled due to their flexibility and ableness to meet customer demands in the midst […]

Use cases of ML in Azure Databricks for the finance sector!

Machine learning in finance sector:  Machine Learning has penetrated almost every industry and is being extensively used for carrying analytical work which helps the company make important business decisions. Talking about the finance sector, […]

cloud migration

Companies switching to cloud platforms for various IT solutions have become the new normal. More companies are now shifting from legacy IT infrastructure to cloud computing. According to a survey […]