AiOps Platform

ISmile Technologies AIOps platforms uses Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and advanced analytics feature to generate in-depth insight and enable autonomous remediation. We relieve the ITOps from the management of infrastructure and software and act as an enabler of the adoption of next-gen technologies by the I Tops team.

With the ISmile Technologies AIOps platform, we enable proactive management of application infrastructure, virtualized networks, an ever-increasing volume and velocity of the organization’s data, along with improving automated remediation capabilities. Our AIOps provide you with complete support for your entire digital delivery chain, including mainframes, open systems etc. The platform helps you get actionable insights, enabling data analysis and root cause analysis, automatic execution of the remediation tasks, agility through continuous feedback loops.


The significant benefits of our AIOps platform are

Proactive Incident Management

Proactive incident management through correlation of various data sources, detecting anomalies, anticipating and resolving issues faster and proactively avoiding risks for more significant business impact.

Event Noise Reduction

We are employing event management through AI-driven and automated classification of events for actionable data of incidents, along with automated alert management.

Chat Ops

We use chatbots and real-time communication tools to facilitate the execution of operations tasks. We create the community scripts and plugins, deploy the scripts, integrate chatbots into operational routines, and onboard all the operational staff.

Integration with the Toolchain

Integration with various ITOps tools to establish connections between application data and predict future incidents.

Our Partners

Capabilities of our
AIOps platform


We provide detailed reports of the progress of migration periodically to let you know about the number of your workloads and components migrated.

The rate depends on the scope of migration, including man-hours required, the number of VMs and other components to be migrated, the cloud architecture desired and so on. 

Yes. We create the roadmap for migration of your systems and applications and use best in class technology stack to execute the migrate.

Yes. We conduct cost feasibility studies, identify scopes of reduction of cost without compromising performance and then implement the solutions.

It depends on the scope of the project, the complexity of the database architecture, the enormity of the mission critical workloads and others.

We offer complete monitoring and maintenance of your systems, applications and workloads in a cloud-native environment post-migration to ensure seamless performance and high productivity. 

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