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Using AI (AI as A Trainer) for Upskilling & Training Your Team

AI analyses learner’s data to continually adapt the learning path to the learner. It will also change itself and improve with time, based on the data it captures. This approach can be described as “instructionist”. It involves learning content in a systematic, structured, explicit manner, progressing from the simple to the complex. 

Many of the products and services we use every day are already leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the user’s experience. The use of AI is all around us and can bring great benefits to the Learning and Development (L&D) sector and ultimately, the workforce also. L&D professionals need to stay on top of fast changing technology to optimize the learning experience and outcomes, developing new learning strategies and methodologies that take advantage of these improvements, especially when it comes to AI. 

AI is going to have a huge impact on the L&D industry. Organizations have a huge amount of data available to them, which they can analyze and use to optimize training programs and learning curriculums. An Oracle study states that 27% of HR leaders considering induction of AI will have positive impact on learning and development of employees. 

In order for AI to be utilized fully, organizations need to harness the huge amounts of data using machine learning, data analysts, AI programmers, and more. The output from this data enables L&D departments to gain insights into the learner journey and helps them to create training programs that drive value and enable adaptive learning. 

Finally, we can sum up to that AI plays a tremendous role in your employee training:

1. Enhances staff training

AI enhances your employee training sessions with unique and innovative learning methods. It can even offer feedback on your workers’ areas for improvement. 

For instance, leverage the AI’s machine learning capabilities with speech-to-text. This lets you comment on your staff’s presentation in terms of their speaking speed, number of word fillers said, mentioned keywords, ability to assess behavioral and skill attributes of learners and others.

2. Improves learning efficiencies

AI-powered tutors can streamline and increase the efficiency of your staff training and learning processes. The major problem learners face during trainings are not being able to clear their doubts and queries. Rest assured that even if asked hundred questions AI virtual coaches will not get tired and will provide the rightmost answers and solutions every time. This hastens up the speed of learning. 

3. Personalizes employees’ learning track

With AI, you can bid goodbye to one size-fit all method of training. Ai coupled learning management systems understands the learning needs, learning speed, adaptability, age ethnicity, cultural background, language and output on an individual basis and can personalize the trainings. 

4. No Human Error or Biases

AI can be used to mimic all aspects of human training without including biases. All the employee behavior and learning assessments are done on a scientific basis. Not only that element of stress bore by the trainer which can affect the quality of training can effectively be weeded out. 

The basic components of training with AI involves 

  • Virtual Coaches– This is a tool within the AI coupled learning platform that provides personalized guidance to trainees on scale and also learns about the trainees during their learning. This coach modulates the trainings based on the skills, behavioral attributes and other aspects of the learners. They suggest specific learning paths most suited for the temperament and learning capabilities of the users. 
  • Deep search and data retrieving abilitiesThe AI induced abilities synthesizes all the training materials uploaded on the AI powered LMS and retrieves the information during search by identifying through a set of key phrases and tags. A study by IDC found that enterprise with more than 1000+ employees in trying to find out relevant and right information wastes approximately $5.7 million every year. This problem can be permanently sorted with AI induced search for learning and working. 
  • Chat bots–  For communication and keeping track of the progress of the learners. 
  • Analytics and ReportingWith predictive analytic features coupled to AI assisted corporate training, accurate measurements of the progress of learners on various parameters can be done along with having better insights on the learning curves. The training modules and methods can be modified accordingly.  
  • Audio- Visual components 
  • Facial Recognition Sensors and Components (for behavioral analysis) 
  • Language translation and Voice to speech capabilities 
  • Learning Management System Platform 

And more…. 


A Gartner report predicts that AI bots will be  powering 85% of customer service interactions by 2025 and another report states that 20% of business content (including training content) will by this time be written by AI. In addition, the  Bank of America predicts  that AI will drive between $14-33 trillion annually of economic growth by 2025. 


iSmile Technologies can help your company ace with the best-in-class AI training solutions for your teams. 

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