Virtualization basically refers to the process of creating a virtual version of any sort of computing services like different operating systems in a single device using a virtual machine, virtual computer hardware platforms, storage devices, and computer network resources. 

Virtualization came into existence in 1960s, but was not widely used at that time. It was basically used as a method of logically dividing the system resources provided by the mainframe computers between different applications. Virtualization gained its popularity in the early 2000, when people started using virtual machines to fulfill their need to run different platform dependent applications into their single machine with the help of virtually running different operating systems. 


          Hardware virtualization basically refers to the process of creating a virtual machine that behaves as a real computer with the desired operating system running on it. Here the host machine is the machine that is used by the virtualization and the guest machine is the virtual machine. 


How it works? 

  • Hypervisors detach the physical resources from their physical environments. 
  • Resources are taken and divided, as needed, from the physical environment to the various virtual environments. 
  • System users work with and perform computations within the virtual environment. 
  • Once the virtual environment is running, a user or program can send an instruction that requires extra resources from the physical environment. In response, the hypervisor relays the message to the physical system and store the changes. This process will happen at an almost native speed. 

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