IOT Engineer

We are looking for someone who enjoys solving challenging problems and thrives in a collaborative, creative environment. In this role, you would be responsible for continuously improving our IoT device frameworks, testing and QA processes and building new exciting functionality.

You will work with a dynamic IoT in resolving complex real-world issues. Furthermore, this is an unpaid internship and we are flexible with the hours: 20-40 hours/week depending on your background, skills, and availability.

You can also use this internship program to earn school credits or sponsorship if applicable.


  • Design and build IoT device robust embedded software, drivers, and frameworks to run on IoT devices.  
  • Develop test frameworks and operational tools for testing. 
  • Prototype assemble and test of new designs. 
  • Create testing methodologies and procedures.  
  • Analyse test failures, rework, and repair surface. 
  • Troubleshoot and support for software deployed. 


  • Expert understanding of the Linux OS, process management, device management and connectivity 
  • Firm understanding of JavaScript and Node.js 
  • Firm understanding of IoT architecture and principles development 
  • Familiarity with HTML5, CSS, and general Frontend / UI Development 


  • Bachelor’s Degree (ideally in Computer Science) 
  • 3+ years of Software Engineering Experience 

Note: This is an unpaid opportunity to work remotely. You will be issued a certificate of completion at the end of your internship. Also, we offer you the opportunity for free training on GCP, Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM etc.  

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