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After working at iSmile Technologies, I can surely say one thing, we have come a long way from where we started. Our recent project was on Neuromarketing. From all of the research and other stuff, we were able to find the techniques used for achieving the Neuromarketing and build the model on most of those techniques. More about the process So in this iteration, we were supposed to produce a product video and for that, we created a good presentation and one of our colleagues, Pranjal did an amazing voice-over for the powerpoint presentation. It was an amazing experience and an alternative to a regular work routine. Also, in this iteration even though we were into the architecture part of the project, I am still working on the micro components of the project such as finding new relevant datasets,  identifying new techniques for the Neuromarketing, and reporting them to my team lead Nitin Pathania . I believe this activity will act as a great foundation for the project.  If we think the dataset and the way it is collected is relevant to us, he further takes care of uploading them in GCP bucket so that we can access the data easily and proceed with further analysis. Apart from this, the team has been able to create a GCP Pipeline which is an integral part of the architecture. To be honest, creating a Pipeline from scratch without having much prior experience is really like a big deal. So kudos to my team for this achievement. Also, it is my first internship and it’s not been a long while since I started working on a real-world live project. My teammates especially, Nitin and Dhruvil are really co-operative, helpful in nature and there is always so much to learn from them. I will thank them with all my heart and will look forward to collaborate with them for carrying the project closer to its desired state.

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