Zhiyi’s Summer at iSmile Technologies

During the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, I was lucky to get an internship as a data scientist at iSmile Technologies. The company is product-based and technology-oriented. iSmile Technologies allows us to participate in and get an overview of various aspects of the company. I am part of the Enterprise Data Science department that develops products using machine learning techniques. I work within the e-commerce bots team. E-commerce bots can simulate conversations with a large number of natural language data. In an era when customer service has to be provided 24 hours a day, bots can be used to help customers find what they want and answer any questions, thus providing more convenience for customers. Customers no longer need to send an email or call customer service. E-commerce bots involve machine learning, big data, emotion analysis, natural language processing, semantic analysis, understanding, and many other artificial intelligence technologies. E-commerce bots can effectively reduce labor costs, simplify the process of finding and purchasing products, optimize user experience, improve service quality, maximize night traffic, and help customer service solve the problem of repeated consultation. I have done several internships in China, and this is my first internship based in the USA. This experience is very helpful as the company not only helps with the teamwork part and project overview but also lets me understand how to interact with other teams to realize the project to be a mature product. Thank you to my supervisors, Arif, and Dyvik for everything they do for my team! Thank you to my team for doing a great job!

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